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Memorial Plaque & Headstone Options

Memorial Plaque & Headstone Options

When a loved one dies there are many decisions that have to be made about the funeral itself, from deciding on whether to have a burial or cremation and how the funeral service will take place and even where the funeral will take place. Then you have to think about plaques or headstones and also about any temporary products that may be required. It can be confusing at times as there are so many options available and each one with its unique advantages and somewhat disadvantages.

There are different permanent memorial options to choose from, which depends on whether you are marking a grave or a cremation plot, the budget and the size of the memorial you would like. Here are a few options that you can choose from.

Image of a memorial plaque. Services available at Gillotts Funeral Directors

Memorial Plaques

A memorial plaque is a plate that is attached to a fixture. They are typically engraved and can be attached to cremation urns on a plot or placed on a grave. Plaques are also used when placed on a memorial in a sentimental location. These include memorials such as benches, or trees.

The best materials for an engraved plaque are bronze, brass and stainless steel. This is because they are metal alloys and are known for their strength, hardness and lack of corrosion. However, granite, marble, glass and aluminium are also used, and sometimes people choose to use a local stone. It is a good idea to consider environmental factors and local conditions when deciding on the material you would like your plaque to be made from.

Memorial plaques are designed to last forever so once you have paid no other costs will be required. They can also be engraved with words or an image, they look very nice and they are a cheaper option than a headstone. There is also a lot of choice on the available materials which means there will be something to suit everybody.

Memorial Vases

Memorial vases are used to hold flowers at a grave. They can either be stand-alone or erected on a spike so that they can be placed where desired. Depending on the type and size of vase you choose, memorial vases can be also be engraved. Memorial vases can be made from granite, marble, stone, stainless steel or bronze.

A memorial vase is a nice way to hold flowers at the grave of a loved one. Having the option of engraving the vase personalizes it and it’s a nice way to celebrate the life of a loved one.

Memorial statues and sculptures

A memorial statue or sculpture is placed on a headstone at a grave. They come in various designs and sizes. People often choose to have a statue or sculpture placed on a gravestone that is personal to the deceased. Statues and sculptures are typically constructed from marble, bronze, granite, slate or sandstone.

A memorial statue or sculpture is a way of personalizing a loved one’s resting place. If the deceased was religious, then a statue of the Virgin Mary is often erected on the headstone. Some people may have a sculpture personally designed in the shape of a cat or a dog, for example, if the loved one had a beloved pet. The materials used are also hard-wearing in all weathers and depending on the material you choose, should last forever.

Cremation urns

A cremation urn is used to hold the ashes of your loved one. A cremation urn can be kept anywhere unless you decide to scatter the ashes at a later date. Many people often choose to bury the ashes at a purchased plot in a crematorium or cemetery. They come in a wide range of designs and sizes. Some people will simply just keep the ashes in them but others may choose to add mementoes into the urn as well.

Cremation urns can be produced in a wide range of materials. Ceramic, porcelain and glass are the most common choices if the ashes are to be kept but if the urn is to be buried they are usually then made from brass, bronze, copper, stainless steel, wood, ceramics or pewter.

An urn is a lovely way to keep the ashes of a loved one, to hold the ashes of a loved one in a burial place or to protect the ashes until you decide to scatter them. Depending on the type of material you choose, urns can also be engraved as well.

Memorial headstones

A memorial headstone is used to mark the grave or a loved one buried in a casket or a cremation urn. They are typically engraved and are available in a huge range of designs, shapes and sizes.

Headstones are usually made from granite, marble or bronze or natural stone because these materials will last forever and are strong against the elements.

Headstones are designed in materials to last forever which means there is only a one-off cost. They are usually quite big which allows for people to have verses, poems or lyrics engraved on them as well as the traditional information that is engraved on a headstone. A headstone is a lovely way to mark the resting place of a loved one and is also quite traditional.

Temporary memorial options

A temporary memorial option may be needed while you are waiting for your permanent memorial to be completed, or you are still deciding on the type of permanent memorial you would like. Once a funeral or cremation has taken place you can have your temporary memorial placed.

Temporary plaque for cremation plots

A temporary plaque can be placed on the cremation plot using a small plastic plaque with an engraved nameplate.

Temporary wooden cross for grave plots

A simple wooden cross with an engraved nameplate can be used to mark a grave until your permanent memorial is ready.

We understand that choosing a memorial plaque or headstone can seem quite daunting but, hopefully, now you are aware of your options. Please feel free to get in touch for more information on the options mentioned above and for any other help you may require regarding our services.