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Bespoke and themed funerals

Every funeral is personal and individual to the person whose life it reflects. Sometimes however, it is possible to incorporate details into the funeral arrangements which signify the things that brought them pleasure.

One way of doing this is with alternative vehicles. As well as our traditional funeral fleet, we have access to a range of vehicles including horse-drawn hearses in black, white or pink, a range of motorcycle hearses, a morris minor hearse, a land rover or Volkswagen campervan hearse and following limousine, or even a 1950’s Leyland Beaver lorry.

The coffin can also reflect the deceased’s hobbies and personality. The Artiste range of coffins and caskets can be custom engraved with names, nicknames and images all around the coffin, and can be painted in any colour, or finished in a more traditional wood finish. Alternatively the Colourful Coffin range of picture coffins can be custom designed, and can even include family photographs.

Those attending the funeral can also play their part – asking everyone to wear a particular colour, a flower, or their favourite football shirt can make everyone feel part of the moment.

If you would like to incorporate some of these ideas, please see our Funeral Vehicles Brochure and our Bespoke Coffin Brochure, which are available on the home page of this website, or ask your Funeral Arranger for guidance.

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