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Direct Cremation

Our Direct Cremation Package is designed for those who do not wish to hold a funeral service and simply wish us to make the necessary arrangements for the Cremation of the deceased.

This is something chosen for a variety of reasons – maybe because of the deceased’s own wishes, or because it is more convenient to hold a memorial service at a later time or in a different location.

Our package combines the simplicity and low cost of direct cremation with the peace of mind of using a local funeral director. This allows you to minimise transport of the deceased, gives the ability to know the actual date of the cremation if you wish, and, if you wish to collect the cremated remains from us, the ability to do this within a week of the cremation. This package cost is specific to our use of Amber Valley Crematorium, which provides an Unattended Cremation Service, allowing us to keep our costs to a minimum.

The necessary paperwork can be completed either by appointment at any of our funeral homes during normal working hours, or by email and post if more convenient. For more information please download this document, or contact any of our funeral homes.

If you are looking to take out a pre-payment plan for a direct cremation, our Direct Cremation Funeral Plan is available. More information can be found in our Perfect Choice Funeral Plan Brochure, which can be downloaded from our Downloadable Guides page.