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Funeral Flowers & Donations in Nottingham & Derby

Funeral Flowers, Arrangements & Messages

Funeral flowers and funeral wreaths are an important addition to the day. Whether you choose a bespoke flower arrangement, a single floral tribute for the coffin, individual pieces from family members, or from our wide range of funeral flower arrangements for funerals across Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire, we are here to help.

Funeral sprays or wreaths are typically created by a florist for the top of the coffin. Funeral sprays are often more appropriate if flowers are to be used after the funeral, as the flowers last longer as they’re on longer stems. Sheaf or hand-tied bouquets may also be suitable.

In general, the choice is completely down to personal preference and you can discuss the funeral flowers, wreaths and arrangements options in more detail with your florist. There are a number of florists in the local areas around our funeral homes who provide an important and valued service to their local communities.

We encourage families who have a relationship with a local florist to visit them to discuss their wishes and order their funeral flowers. The florist will then deliver the flowers either to our premises or to the family home in good time prior to the day.

For those who prefer to order funeral floral tributes through our funeral homes, we have a long-standing relationship with Options, a florist close to our Eastwood funeral home. Clients can order tributes to be included on the funeral account, and all other individuals can order in person or by telephoning us and paying by debit or credit card.

Our funeral flowers brochure can be downloaded here.

Your Funeral Arranger will discuss your preferences for the giving of flowers or donations by those outside of the main family.

Funeral Flowers and Arrangements Options

• Flowers welcome – anyone who wishes to may send flowers for the funeral.

• Flowers or donations – the individual may choose whether to send flowers or give a donation to a charity or charities chosen by the family.

• (Immediate) family flowers only – those within the family may send flowers, whilst those outside of the family, such as friends and work colleagues, should send a donation rather than flowers.

• No flowers please – everyone is requested to give a donation rather than send flowers. The person arranging the funeral may then organise a single tribute for the coffin which is from the entire family.

People planning to attend the funeral can visit our Announcements page or contact us to find out the arrangements for flowers for the funeral.

Funeral Donations For Funerals Across Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire

Many families now choose one or more charities to receive funeral donations in lieu of flowers, and the collecting and handling of those donations is an important part of our service.

donations boxFuneral donations can be collected in a number of ways – by post or in person at our offices, by retiring collection at the funeral service using our donations box, and, if the family have chosen to collect in this way, online via our funeral announcements page. This option allows donors who are UK taxpayers to Gift Aid their donation, which increases the amount which the charity receives by approximately 20% once the site’s processing fees are taken into account.

To see if an online donations page has been set up, please visit the funeral announcements page.

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