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Danni widens her industry knowledge in funerals

Danni widens her industry knowledge in funerals

Danni widens her industry knowledge as she seeks to step up to funeral director

We pride ourselves on our staff gaining their professional qualifications and now our funeral arranger Danni is set to take her studying to another level – by aiming to become a funeral director. 

Danni, who runs our Selston office, already has her Funeral Arranging and Administration qualification and is now currently working hard for her Funeral Directing Diploma, which she embarked on last year. 

She joined Gillotts six years ago at the age of 21 and has made herself indispensable at Selston, where she meets families to discuss the funeral arrangements for their loved ones and puts everything in place for the service itself. 

As a director Danni will attend the funeral themselves to ensure that everything runs smoothly, a job which requires in-depth knowledge of everything a funeral firm does, the services it provides and the legislation that it has to operate to in order to ensure that everything is above board. 

Danni, whose sister Amanda works at our Heanor branch, said: “All being well I’m due to finish my course in October and while I’m finding it interesting and I’m really enjoying it, it’s also really hard!

“There is a lot of information to work through and we also have to learn what the industry rules are in Scotland and Northern Ireland too, as well as learning all about aspects such as burials at sea, which obviously isn’t something we get to do a lot of in Selston. 

“I’m in a study group with other funeral staff from across the country and that’s really interesting because there are some things they do that are different to here because they serve different communities with different traditions.”